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Live Long and Prosper! LifeStyle Medicine in Dentistry.

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We get what we got by way of genes, now it's up to us to make them last. Are there foods associated with long life? Is exercise healthy? Are there miracle drugs we should all be taking? What are the secrets of the Blue Zones on the planet, where people predictably live over 100 years of age?  What laboratory tests best outline your health and point to foods you should be eating or medicines you should be taking?

This presentation will provide a unique and interesting perspective on ways we can support our health and the health of our patients.


Learning Outcomes (Exit skills)

  1. You will be able to define physical and mental health and social well-being for yourself and your patients.

  2. You will learn age specific laboratory tests to predict and prevent medical problems.

  3. You will learn about age defying foods, longevity drugs, and new personal health monitoring digital wear.


Resource Guide and Quiz

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