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Drugs, Bugs and Dental Products: What to Prescribe!

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What is the best of the new antifungals for yeast infections? Can antiviral drugs be used prophylactically for herpes infections? What is the current recommended regime for sinus infections? Is penicillin still the best drug for oral infections?

This course will be a concise, informative, and entertaining update on the drugs of choice and related techniques for the treatment of infections, and the control of pain and anxiety. The course focuses on clinically relevant information that is immediately useable in the dental practice.


  1. You will be able to choose the most current, effective topical and systemic antiviral drugs for patients with herpes virus infections.

  2. You will understand the first, second, and third drugs of choice for oral infections.

  3. You will be aware of the newest drugs for fungal infections, aphthous ulcers, sinusitis, and other oral cavity/head and neck problems.

  4. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of pain medication and the most effective way to prevent pain before it starts


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