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Dr. Jacobsen has a reputation for interesting, quick-moving and fun presentations. With his 35 years of hands-on, General Dentistry, private practice experience, plus an equal number of years as a dental school professor teaching oral medicine, he is the best qualified and experienced dental CE presenter on dental drugs and Over-the-Counter Dental Products in America today.

Dental Pharmacology made accessible, clinically practical and immediately useful.

Continuing Professional Development in Dentistry

Dr. Jacobsen's CE courses available for Presentation

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Drugs, Bugs and Dental Products: What to Prescribe!

Dr. Jacobsen is available to present throughout the United States, either in person or virtually. All class material is provided and available for participants before the day of the presentation. For specific questions on discussion topics, contact Dr. Jacobsen here.

Live Long and Prosper!

LifeStyle Medicine in Dentistry.

The Little Dental Drug Booklet

The Little Dental Drug Booklet is the number one quick reference for the drugs most commonly used in dental practice and for the safe management of Medically Complex Patients.

This booklet also contains information on the common active ingredients in Over-The-Counter dental products.

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Dental Tidbits
Bits of Dental Knowledge

Today's Question and Answer from Dr. Peter!

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What is the difference between a canker sore (Aphthous ulcer) and a cold sore (Herpies Simplex attack)?

Do you have a dental question? Please send it to Dr. Peter.

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